Saturday, January 9, 2010

So Long Ago

Hey, It's Addie!!! Sorry it's been so long since I've updated my blog... Anyway our school did this thing Remedy. we collected things for the HUB.I was kinda like adopting a family cause everything our class collected went to Paul and Sharron Smith.what we did was at the end of the month Cassy ( she is the one who started Remedy)came and picked up all of the thingies and took it to them. So once again im very sorry for all the people who check my blog a lot, i just havent had the time.


PS: Remember LOVE CHRIST ALWAYS - And always go 2 Church!!!!!!!!!
The Hub info is on FaceBook under Hub Shreveport!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

FX- Being the Church

Tonight I took $40.00 to The Dollar Tree to purchase things for the Widow Goodie Bag. I choose to do two ladies. I felt pretty good because I was able to separate my stuff from my moms stuff and pretend I was a grown up. I got to pay for my own stuff with my change money. I ended up paying $35.00. We were taking it all to our church becuase my church was making widow goodie bags. When we got to church, my bags were so heavy. I could barely even pick them up! On the way there I dropped a bag of spray good stuff on my toe. It hurt really bad!

Once we got into the room, we unloaded everything. I had to separate mine because I bought two of everything. Then I went to the table and picked up two bags thinking it would hold everything. But it turned out that it did not hold everything. So I went to get two more bags, but my mom said, Oh they fit! So I was kind of frustrated. Then we wrapped them and put stickers on them.. leaves and acorns.. meaning it was Fall. And there was an orange I put You Are Loved By God on it.

After we left church, we looked at our addresses and went to deliver Michael's bag first. Her name was Mrs. Kyle and she was the sweetest widow I have ever met. So I decided on Thursday, we would bake cookies and deliver them to her. Then we delivered to my widow, Mrs. McGee. She didn't answer the door. So we set it down on the ground right where she could see it. We then drove to Mrs. Hubbard's house. She was sweet too. She offered for us to come into her house, but we said no thank you. So we got back into the car and looked at my next bag. She lives in Princeton so we decided to go another day. We had to get home because Mason, my little brother was acting up really bad.

ps.. I decided it felt really good to collect all that change and buy it for someone else and give them a goodie bag. It felt good because giving to others and not to yourself is a really suggestion you should take too. Because after you experience it, you feel really good inside and you know it was the right thing to do.

pps... Update on how much I have left:
$90.71 - $35.00 = $55.71

I am going to work on making goodie bags for the homeless next. If you want to help me make a goodie bag, which I know most of you will, here are the things I would consider: bath towels, socks, blankets, gloves, toothpaste, toothbrushes and other stuff you would think is appropriate.

Thanks for coming along and looking at my blog. I think it is a great experience to have one. If I didn't have one I couldn't tell the world that homeless people need our help and God would really appreciate that.
Your friend,

Love Total

Today I went to the Albertsons and dumped my change into the Coin Star. The Coin Star is where you dump all your change and you recieve your dollars. The good news is.... I had $90.71!!! I know have not been writing since August...but I am working on that! But I have been collecting money. Thank you to all those people who have given money to me. That was nice of you. Thank you Mimi and Papa. Thank you Mrs. Kristen Black! Thank you Grammy and Grampa! And thank you Uncle Matt and Aunt Krista! That was really sweet of all of you!

ps. I want to give a shout out to everyone- If you want to collect lots of stuff for widows...go to the store with your own money and buy things such as....
lip gloss
clothing detergent
smell good detergent
stationary and note cards
puzzles that you think a grown up would use
and a bag, like a goodie bag.

Put all that stuff in there. If you think of more stuff, please put it in there- I would be very thankful.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Stinky Brother Change

Hey its Addie. Whats up? I want to tell you about me and my brothers. My brothers would not share their money so I had to start my own money jar. I knew that God wanted them to help me collect change so that I could give it to people that really need it. They just dont get it. Typical stinky brothers. But I still love them even if they hide their change from me now. No change is safe in my house! I am asking that you all help me in my project to help collect money for the people that don't have what I have.

If you come by the class where my daddy teaches sunday school in room 405 at first bossier church, you can drop off your change and I will see that it gets to where it is most needed.

Love Addie

P.S. Thanks for helping me in my mission project. Jesus loves you.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fan Club

On Wednesday I took some change to the doller general to buy two fans they where eight dollers each.On thursday my mom took me to the Bossier Council on Aging.I gave the two fans them.They where so nice that they put me in there newspaper page.

p.s. I challenge you all to donate one or two fans to the B.C.A. this week...tell them addie sent you.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sweet Change

Hey-its Addie.Kids and Parents I have a project for ya.Grab a contaner or jar and collect change when you collect over 100.00 give it to a charity with the help of a grownup.

p.s. Thank You For Your Help.